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Establishment of the company as a tool by Ferdinand Vollmer in house in Pforzheim - Brötzingen.
Here tools for all areas were produced, which were needed in the greater Pforzheim. Mainly for jewelry and watch needs.

In the thirties, then machines for their own use were made.
Some of these machines are still in use even today. These establish the so-called flat or even round springs. These flat springs are needed today in exclusive bracelets.

Today there are few manufacturers produce such springs, so that we export these very successful abroad.

Meanwhile, as a pure spring was operating, after the end of World War II, the machinery expanded ever further, mainly by machines from Wafios, Reutlingen.

Now, the production in the large range compression and extension springs, at that time were still the eyes of employees with specially designed apparatus bent by hand

Torsion springs also have been produced, for example, the needed to tie holders.
The electronics industry was also a very large consumer of compression and extension springs.

In 1973, a parade was held in a new, larger building in Feldrennach, held today Straubenhardt-Feldrennach. This is near "Im schönsten Wiesengrunde"
,a, especially in WW2, known song.

In 2000 the current owner took over Marco Schlegel, already in 4th Generation operation.

This was taken after several years of teaching and working in a jewelry Birkenfelder operating his master's certificate in 1998 as a precision mechanic.

In 2006, then the large expansion in the area of ​​standard and stock springs
Possible, especially with a new extension of this.

2007 Expansion of the machinery by a new spring coiling machines of type Excel 2.0 made by Bobbio.

And certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Meanwhile, ISO 9001:2008




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