garage door springs

We can also supply replacement springs for your garage door, which you can´t get from your dealer.
Because of the risk by breaking door springs Vedas today only gates fitted with spring packs. Thus, you will be provided with no more spare parts, here usually can not help your Torlieferant (economically, as the law).

We can try to help you as a reasonable price.

Requirements: standard springs with German eyes, no eyehooks (see picture)

We require wire diameter, outside diameter, length, total length of spring body, if necessary. Original color

It always should be replaced both springs, because of the uniformity and the expected fracture of the 2nd Spring. Please also check whether a length compensation (mostly down) by a chain or belt hole possible / already exist, and the position of this.

Special springs about € 150, - to 300, - / 2 pcs
- we will make you an offer.

important informations to messure


you have the choice of our stock springs for garage doors - delivery time approximately 6 working days

1 inch = 25,4mm / 1mm = 0,03937 inch

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